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Spark's Spot

a cold and wet nose....


I've been a fan of Furry/Anthropomorphic Art for years, and decided to take it one step further with the commissioning of "Spark" in
early 2007. Soon Spark will be getting into public performance and a charity organization with my mate. In the meantime, I like to
draw, travel, and explore new things/places. I've been around the world many times and in too many countries to count, I'm 26 and
a Military War Veteran. I am currently living in Alaska with plans on moving down to Beautiful British Columbia to be with my Mate :)
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 Nitro & Spark - Dangerously Cute Together

  • -------------- MY CONVENTION PLANS FOR 2009 ---------------

  • Can Not Attend - FC 2009 :(

  • Attending - AC2009 - (July 2-5, Pittsburgh, PA)

  • Attending - RF2009 - (Sept 25-27, SeaTac, WA)

  • Attending - Howloween2009 - (Vancouver, BC)

  • Spark's Fuzzy nitrosheppy Wuppy Puppy Was Here Molesting And Creatively Updating This Page! AGAIN! (Bark-Bark-Bark)