December 29th, 2009


2,291.3 Miles

Anchorage to Tok
Tok to Whitehorse
Whitehorse to Watson Lake
Watson Lake to Fort Nelson
Fort Nelson to Prince George
Prince George to Vancouver

Tuesday through Sunday night was spent on the Alaskan Highway

Drove in some really dangerous conditions from solid ice to whiteout blizzards. London and I also helped out a few stranded vehicles and dug out a Honda Santa Fe that flew off the highway into the snow birms. Someone flew off another part of the highway over a 2000 foot cliff. Christmas was spent sleeping inside a hospital at Watson Lake due to the entire town being shut down and boarded up. There was only one cop car patrolling and nothing else. We couldnt sleep in the vehicles because of subzero temps and the hospital was so gracious to give us a room and allow Kaori and Koda to come in as well. In the morning they made us breakfast and we were on our way again. Saw lots of animals, including almost smashing into a few moose, an elk, and an unfortunate wolverine - ask London about it :P  We also watched two foxes fighting over a diaper at Haines Junction, lol.

Its good to be here, met up with Six and Drummond already and lookin forward to seein everyone again. It's also really great to be in my sheppies arms again :) 
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